Act Utilitarianism

The theory of Utilitarianism was initially developed by Jeremy Bentham who was a thinker of the 18th century. Bentham developed this kind of theory to make a modern and rational way of morality which will would suit the changing world. Bentham's theory Act Utilitarianism has many pros and cons. A Power is that this theory is considers the consequences and happiness which in turn an action has created. This is because Work Utilitarianism is a teleological theory where activities are based on effects. For example easily splash cool water in someone to get up for school this is a good actions as it offers good effects because the person I splashed water about can go on to school and gain knowledge and this I will as well create delight. Another power would be that this theory is always seeking the " Greatest Good for the Greatest Number”. By way of example if I was going to bomb the earth with a blast I planted in a magic formula location as well as the only approach to get the information was to pain me. A great Act Utilitarian would admit I should be tortured so that I could supply the information on in which the bomb was and this that might create the very best good for the highest number. You can also get many difficulties with Bentham's theory as it enables cruel or sadistic pleasure as long as it out ways the pain. One example is if eight sadists torture one child pleasure out ways the child's pain making the action right in an Act Utilitarian eye. Also if perhaps someone intentions are good however the consequence of their action is bad an Act Functional would state this wrong even thought the intention was good. Such as if I support an old gentleman across the street and after that he execution someone my own action which has been good turns into bad due to consequence. One other weakness is the fact there is always a minority that can not gain from an action and this could cause an abundance of pain for the minority plus the pain on this minority could out approach the satisfaction of the bulk but it is actually...


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