Homework Job Chapter 5

Addiction Research (BHHS)

Sherman Howard

1 . Describe, the actions of Barbiturates. They reduce sensory tenderness to satisfaction or soreness. Replace's the need for sex, foodstuff and psychological involvement. installment payments on your Describe the action of benzodiazepines and their withdrawal symptoms. Benzodiazepines are minor tranquilizers; they trigger dopamine levels to rise producing a pleasant sensation. Revulsion involves seizures, convulsions, and death. several. What is the biggest danger with drug synergism when using two depressant drugs? Overdose!

4. What exactly paradoxical a reaction to tranquilizers? Becoming more active rather than calmer. your five. Why is revulsion so life threatening for liquor and the barbiturates? Both can result in Seizures and death.

6. Who is the hidden addict? An unborn Fetus could be, if the mom is a great addict. ______________________________________________________________________________

Portion Two:

1 ) What is the approximate percentage of alcohol in beer? Wine? Tequila? Beer5% - Wine15% -- Whiskey45%

2 . How much does BAC are a symbol of? Blood Liquor Concentration. a few. Describe the processing of alcohol via digestion to absorption. twenty percent is assimilated by the tummy the remaining many of these is consumed in the small intestines. four. What is alcohol impact on digestion and liver? Alcohol can stop digestive function and maximize hydrochloric acidity production. Liquor also causes a drop in blood sugar which can lead to a hypoglycemic state. five. Name some factors that often predict alcohol dependency? Poor learning ability, poor judgment, immediate memory is affected. six. After recurrent high medication dosage use… which can be more hazardous: immediate alcoholic beverages withdrawal or immediate heroin withdrawal? Liquor is more quick....


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