Democracy is regarded as an ideal form of authorities. It is a federal government in which people are governed by way of a own selected representatives. In its supreme contact form it is a " Government of the People, by the people, intended for the people. ” This declaration was given by Lincoln regarding the Democracy. This means that in a democracy the government is selected by the persons. It consists of representatives of the people and then the government belongs to the people and is also one that works for the individuals. It protections the hobbies of the people. Democracy ensures the basic rights of the persons. They have the liberty to express all their opinions in just about any legal approach that they select. The press and other open public media are not subject to federal government censorship. Democracy is the most basic form of Authorities which is not only praised yet also rehearsing by many countries. ‘The notion of Democracy being a form of govt goes back for the Greek thinker. Its contemporary usage, however dates through the revolutionary upheals western contemporary society at the end of eighteenth centuary (Huntington, 1993). It is based upon the equal rights, liberty, sociable justice and limited kind of Govt (Maya Chadda, 2000). Democracy is usually not in the purest kind at this moment. You will discover almost 167 countries on the globe are training the democratic political system. There is no sole meaning of democracy. Each country, place and group share different perception and idea of what democracy suggest, it is dependant on their own culture, values, historical background and the modern politics. On the other hand, the region has additionally imprinted its understandings in the notion of democracy. Therefore, instead of the European notion that puts reduced on popular control over rulers, equal privileges and liberties for the citizens, the rule of law and protection against cruelty; democracy in South Asia is linked principally while using ideas of people's rule, political freedom, equality of outcomes and community...


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