Alexander II (1855-1881): Liberal and Reformist

5. Emancipated the Surfs in 1861

* Gentry surfs were separated, but not express surfs.

* Surfs were put in mirs that they could hardly leave.

* Mir= A collection of peasants that live within a village and work the land collectively. * Every peasant was allocated a percentage of land by their past owner, in addition to exchange has to pay redemption fees to them. * Although surfs were freed from the gentry, they were at this point forced to stay in mirs they could not leave, and had to pay large fees for the gentry. 2. Judicial Reforms

* Trial by court in decrease courts, however jury was performed up of medlock. * Assured an attorney authorized by fresh bar

5. Equality of parties in legal issues

2. Rural Govt (Zemstov)

5. Self-governments

2. Provided education and tracks

* Desired to reduce indirect taxes

2. Not very powerful, but they did provided general public participation in government * Town/City Governments

* Feudalism abolished

2. Tsar picked out government leaders- not selected by individuals * Electrical power still in hands of Tsar

2. Educational Reforms

* Zemstov given task of offered primary and secondary school * Women could be educators

* Universities and colleges got more freedoms in organization and teaching * Funding to overcome surfs massive illiteracy

* Came up with the rebellious intellegista

* Press/Censorship

* Given passports and less-restrictive of motion

* Relaxed enforcement of censorship= even more newspapers and freedom of press 2. Polar star= newspaper that might be sold in Russia * Armed forces Reforms

2. A result of failing of Crimean War

5. Tsar decreased military service from twenty-five to 6 years

* Released universal army service for a lot of people over 20, including noble * All military folks are to be well-informed

* Economic Reforms

5. Increased the number of...


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