Biological Systems Paper

Lisa J Felton


The spring 14, 2014

Taleshia Chandler

Biological Devices Paper

There are several articles created to explain the problems that can result from the lung area and the breathing from cigarette smoking however right now there seem to be various other issues that should be looked at as very well. While we know that smoking can cause a great deal of damage to the lung area and can contribute to the development of COPD (Chronic Blockage Pulmonary Disease) (Kool & Reneman, 1993), there are other stuff such as problems for skin and teeth, the possibility of Emphysema or perhaps lung cancer, as well as the probability of tongue or throat cancers. Researchers also have looked into the text between cigarette smoking and the risk of Erectile Dysfunction. The idea of someone we all love making a condition that might constrict all their air method or lead them to struggle to breathe is hard for most people however the most of the public does not even begin to think of the other problems that could result individuals that smoke cigarettes now or perhaps in their previous. The reproductive system system in the human male has been the topic of discussion for a few researchers. The reproductive program that we take for granted most of the time is incredibly intricate and dynamic. The organs that comprise the male reproductive system are made to perform the functions of manufacturing, maintaining, and transporting sperm, also known as the male reproductive skin cells, as well as the protecting fluid also referred to as the seminal fluid, (" Cleveland Clinic",  2014). The male reproductive system likewise discharges ejaculate into the feminine reproductive system when it is functioning properly. You reproductive system includes not only internal set ups but external structures as well and will create and secrete male sexual hormones with the appropriate moments. There are multiple external reproductive system structure that are essential in the proper function of the male reproductive system. The penis, which is the male appendage used for sexual activity, has 3 parts like the root, the body, and the glans. The root can be attached to the wall with the abdomen and the glans may be the cone designed end in the penis, which is covered, with a loose level of skin also known as foreskin. The body of your penis is actually cylindrical and is composed of three interior chambers, which is a sponge like erectile cells. This muscle contains 1000s of very large areas that will fill up with blood vessels when the male is sexually aroused. During this period the penis floods with bloodstream, which causes your penis to increase the size of, and becomes rigid and erect. After the male is becoming fully aroused and extends to his orgasm or orgasm, semen including sperm can be forced out through the tip of the penis. This is how the sperm is usually forced in the female and begins the travel in her reproductive : organs to possibly build a child. You will find multiple other parts of the external reproductive program in a guy such as the ball sack, testicles, and epididymis. Most of these parts perform a energetic role in the proper function of the system. There are numerous internal reproductive bodily organs that enjoy a vital role in the proper function as well such as the vas deferens, ejaculatory ducts, Urethra, seminal vesicles, prostatic gland, and the bulbourethral glands. These bodily organs are also referred to as accessory internal organs as they are encouraging organs. When the organs work together and function properly the male can become aroused and turn erect in some men the problem comes up when the penis will not become erect could remain erect for a period long enough to totally climax leading to ejaculation. This is a major problem intended for the men engaged of course however it begins to affect the females involved with the person as well. There are various observational studies that have happened recently concerning smoking as well as the risk of growing erectile dysfunction, also referred to as ED. The goal of the checks or research...

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