Chpt. a couple of

Biological Molecules

What is the building block of a carbohydrate? Monosaccharides Proteins are found by which type of macromolecule? Polypeptide Brand 2 molecules that you created that contain carboxylic acid teams. 1 . Carboxyl

2 . Glycine

Brand 2 elements that you constructed that contain hydroxyl groups. 1 . Alanine

2 . Glucose

Explain the difference in structure between saturated and unsaturated essential fatty acids. Why is this difference significant in the body? Saturated fats have one fatty acid chain with a single covalent bond between carbon atoms. Unsaturated fatty acids have two or more dual bonds between the carbon atoms.

The longer fatty acids chains present in saturated fats are packed tightly together, which in turn causes to form a sturdy. Unsaturated excess fat are brief and cannot be packed to together because of the double connection.

6. Match this molecules for their correct description F. sucrose

C. oleic acid

At the. cholesterol

A. glucose

D. glycine

A. fructose

Deb. alanine

M. butyric acidity

a. monosaccharide

b. saturated fatty acid

c. unsaturated fatty acid

d. valine

e. anabolic steroid

f. disaccharide

7. Recognize each of the subsequent molecules, making use of the following alternatives: glucose, glycerol, amino acid, condensed fatty acid, unsaturated fatty acid, anabolic steroid

a. Glucose is sugars and a monosasscharide b. Glycerol is a modified simple glucose and a triglyceride

c. Proteins on the foundations of healthy proteins

m. Saturated fatty acid are single covalent a genuine between carbon atoms

elizabeth. Unsaturated essential fatty acids are two or more dual bonds between carbon atoms.

f. Steroid are flat substances made up of 4 interlocking hydrocarbon rings. To get questions 8-9, use the subsequent key:

Dark - carbon
Red - oxygen
Blue - nitrogen
White - hydrogen

8. Determine the following elements and complete the desk...


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