" Town Upon a Hill” Evaluation

In 1630 the chief of the servants of the Massachusetts Bay Colony gave a sermon to his Puritan followers. Winthrop writes that God has purposefully produced some people poor and others abundant in order to execute his work in the different areas of life. He also speaks of a man's moral necessity to help other folks with their requirements. Winthrop's purpose of delivering this sermon to Puritans was to encourage them to purify their connection with God also to obtain perfect order in their society. David Winthrop's " city upon a hill” sermon was like his eye-sight for the newest England colony.

With study, careful evaluation and pondering you can interpret the meaning of Winthrop's speech. When he says, " to get we must consider that we will be as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us”, Winthrop is saying that they may be an example for all others. They will be " a city upon a hill" where all others can see these people and whether or not they follow God and be successful or escape him and fail as a society. This kind of sermon was said so that the Puritans would have a sense of wish in the desired goals that they wished to achieve in New England. You can translate Winthrop's concepts and desired goals for the city through his sermon.

A primary reason why Winthrop preached this sermon was going to project his visions of his excellent society upon his many other Puritans. Totally different from the pilgrims who had stayed in North America, Winthrop and his followers had not segregated from the house of worship. They hoped to establish a pure house of worship that would behave as a model intended for the churches in England. The Puritans presumed that this house of worship would change English society, on both equally continents, that help change points for the better. These types of ideas were emphasized in Winthrop's " city after a hill” preaching's.

The saying " a city upon a hill” can also be found in the New Legs in the Bible. The quotation is in accordance with when Christ was providing his sermon on the attach. As it says in the Bible,...


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