" Once upon a cruddy time on a cruddy streets on the side of a cruddy hill in the cruddiest part of a crudded-out area in a cruddy state, region, world, solar system, universe”(9) there existed a young girl known as Roberta Robheson. Roberta Robheson's world is indeed incredibly cruddy because all the people that are present around her are selfish individuals in whose main determination in life is always to better themselves and gain money or perhaps prestige. Bela Barry, the author of Cruddy, explores this concept through darker imagery and a troubling plot that exhibits a large number of characters whose actions happen to be motivated by simply self-interest and greed which in turn demonstrate Barry's view that today's culture is uncontrolled with narcissistic individuals.

The theme of characters going after actions intended for selfish causes is exhibited in Roberta's relationship with her mother. For "[o]nce in the olden days of Roberta's your life there was a dog named Cookie”(9), and Roberta held this dog near to her heart, it was the main one figure in her life that she could rely on and also have faith in. However Roberta's mother was " …always screaming for Cookie to get everything…screaming mainly because Cookie got incurable skin area problems caused by the mange creature Demodex…And then the mom said Dessert had to go and Roberta begged and begged her no nevertheless all the mother did was wait until Roberta went to institution and when the girl came home there was simply no Cookie”(10). Simply by getting rid of Biscuit without Roberta's consent, the mother carried off a vital part of your Roberta's lifestyle. Dog is said to be man's best friend, and it appears that Cookie genuinely was Roberta's best friend; performing as a refuge in the dark, troubling world that surrounds her. Roberta's mom neglected her daughter's happiness for her individual, and in a selfish make an attempt to make her life easier she annihilated the one stable figure in Roberta's life. This little action demonstrates simply how much the mom values her own satisfaction over that of her daughter's, exhibiting Barry's point of view that society today is filled with individuals who only continue to keep their own pursuits at head and overlook those of even the closest individuals to them. Roberta's mother's self interest is definitely evident again in the abandonment and neglect of her children. To acquire time aside with a doctor she is online dating, Roberta's mother leaves Roberta and her sister Julie home for a prolonged period of time. Roberta retells the feeling describing the " artificial sound in the mother's fizz-laughing, sounding very fake, and her words calling to [them] in a merry way, saying Cousin Caroline can be over any kind of minute and then for [them] being good and mind Cousin Caroline, plus the mother might see [them] next week. The leading door closed…”(97). Roberta's mother clearly does not have her daughters' best interests at heart; she disregards all of them in order to follow a relationship with a wealthy doctor. The mother's deficiency of responsibility to her children is demonstrated again when ever she " …shove[s] [Roberta] into the rearseat of [her father's] car in the middle of the night”. It was "[h]er who piled the clothes along with [Roberta] and said if [she] explained one single globe, if [she] made a peep to let him find out [she] was back right now there, [the mother] would move [her] eyes out”(24). Roberta's mother causes Roberta into the backseat of her father's car and uses Roberta as a scheme to maintain a connection to her hubby. She puts Roberta's basic safety and comfort and ease at risk so that they can hold on to her husband, realizing that if this individual leaves with Roberta he may eventually have to come back. The mother's activities are all motivated by her desire to live an easier existence; one totally free of two needy children and full of flexibility to date men with funds. Her authentic self-centeredness can be demonstrated in her repeated negligent decisions, thus exposing Barry's level that modern-day world is usually brimming with selfish individuals. Roberta's mother is definitely not the only selfish person in her life; Roberta's father is among the most egocentric figure in the new and the best to Roberta; making his...


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