п»їLanguage and Communication, a Cultural Actuality

Human vocabulary is arguably one of the most highly developed human system and the groundwork stone of every human traditions. Language plays an essential position in not merely how persons and groups within a culture communicate but as a powerful exhibition of how a society runs as well. Dialect is a expression and phrase of the individual in their own environment. (CULT ANTH 103, 106) Language communicates one's feelings, necessities, ideas, and " often demonstrates what is socially important or perhaps culturally meaningful in their community”. (CULT ANTH) Having matured in Brazil, English is usually my second language. There are many occasions when an expression in Portuguese does not mean exactly the same thing in The english language and often would not make any kind of sense in any way. This is because the realities that originated the word were just experienced by the people of these specific culture. Removed from the culture by which it originated and developed, terminology can lose much of it is efficacy and must be adaptive or expire. Similarly, a culture, deprived of their native tongue will experience rapid, serious, and irreversible changes. We can see that very plainly when an specific is learning a second language it is very hard to consistently " convert back and forth inside their own heads between the language they know and the dialect they are learning. ” (CULT ANTH, 113) It is best to study by context and recognize the language for what it is. " If terminology does reflection cultural truth, it would follow that changes in a culture will at some point be reflected in modifications in our language. ” (CULT ANTH, 116) Within my own personal history, I have found that statement to become true. My own great-grandparents emigrated from Italia to Brazil in the late nineteenth century. Because recent migrants they all spoke Italian and within their people and neighborhoods the language was passed on to the next generation. Not merely the language passed on but the accountability to...

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