CAMBRIDGE FOREIGN EXAMINATIONS Worldwide General License of Secondary Education ECONOMICS Paper one particular Multiple Decision May/June 2003 1 hour Further Materials: Multiple Choice Solution Sheet Soft clean eraser Soft pad (type M or HB is recommended)


GO THROUGH THESE GUIDANCE FIRST Write in gentle pencil. Tend not to use worn, paper videos, highlighters, glue or modification fluid. Publish your name, Center number and candidate amount on the solution sheet inside the spaces supplied unless it turned out done for yourself. There are 40 questions about this paper. Solution all questions. For each and every question you will find four conceivable answers A, B, C, and D. Choose the 1 you consider accurate and record your choice in soft pad on the separate answer piece. Read the guidelines on the solution sheet thoroughly. Each right answer can score one mark. A mark will not be deducted to get a wrong answer. Any hard working should be done in this guide.

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2 1 An unemployed member of staff accepts employment. Which of the following is a opportunity cost of this decision? A B C D 2 the price tag on travel to work the income from the fresh job the leisure time dropped the training in the new work

A medical center cannot handle all the individuals who need treatment. This is among the A W C D excess source. limited would like. scarcity. endless resources.

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Economic expansion in Russian federation and Cina used to be led by public sector. Now this results more from activities in the personal sector. Nevertheless , both areas are important. Which usually term explains the current system in Russian federation and China and tiawan? A B C D market blended planned subsistence


The table displays how employment in five industries changed in a region between 85 and 2000. 1985 (thousand) banking and finance distribution and catering extraction of minerals production transport 2336 4678 2278 4102 2550 2000 (thousand) 2881 5323 1794 3128 2304

Based on the table, which kind of job has increased? A B C D primary secondary tertiary total 0455/1 Jun03

3 a few What is necessary for a company to become classified as a multi-national? A B C D six It diversifies its selection. It exports most of the output. That increases it is scale of production. That produces several of its output in different countries.

Which benefit is most likely to enable a small merchant to contend with larger stores? A N C Deb a convenient location a wide range of products internal financial systems of scale national advertising and marketing


In 2001 a few countries, including India and Pakistan, criticised the European Union for continuing to guard European farmers with a subsidy while planning on poorer Photography equipment countries never to restrict control. Identify the concepts that are not involved in this case. A M C Deb developing and developed economies free operate and protection market prices and official intervention multi-nationals and general public corporations

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A commercial traditional bank is hired to act as being a country's central bank. What new function would it surely have? A B C G controlling economic policy getting foreign exchange ensuring security for loans holding liquid assets


Which usually trade union action is most probably to have harmful effects within the productivity of a firm? A B C D acceptance of new technology agreement to a bonus system opposition to planned redundancies participation within a profit-sharing structure

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4 12 The picture shows the necessity for chocolate.

D selling price

X Sumado a

D To quantity demanded per week

What could cause the movement coming from point By to point Y? A B C D a big change in likes a fall inside the price of chocolate an increase in income a successful advertising campaign for chocolate

eleven The desk shows the buying price of, demand for and provide of By per week. selling price ($) 20 30 forty five demand (tonnes) 16 12 10 supply (tonnes) 12 12 13

What will end up being the effect if...


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