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Work with black ink or ball-point pen. Fill out the containers at the top of this site with your term, centre number and applicant number. Response all questions. Response the concerns in the spaces provided – there may be more room than you will need.


The total mark for this paper is 60. The marks for every single question will be shown in brackets – use this being a guide regarding how much a chance to spend on every question. The caliber of written communication will be assessed in your reactions to Portions B and C – you should take particular attention on these questions along with your spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as the clearness of expression. Copies with the Edexcel Anthology for IGCSE and Qualification Qualifications in English Dialect and Books may not be brought into the assessment. Dictionaries is probably not used in this examination.


Read every question carefully before you start to answer it. Monitor the time. Try to answer just about every question. Check your answers when you have time towards the end. Turn over


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Section A: Reading You should spend regarding 45 minutes within this section. See the following passageway carefully then answer the questions which in turn follow. In this passage, the writer explains how he returns to Soche Slope School in Africa in which he was a volunteer teacher. A Disappointing Returning! I had been visualizing this returning trip down the narrow track to Soche Hill for several years. Some excursions mean a lot to us that we rehearse them obsessively in our mind, in delightful anticipation. It was a homecoming more important to my opinion than returning to Medford where I had grown up. Rather than driving right to the school My spouse and i stopped with the nearby area of Frondaison, which began abruptly, the advantage of the town slummy, with all the outdoor businesses – bi-cycle menders, car repairers, coffin-makers; the rest than it chaotic, litter box and mobs, small businesses and bars and dubious-looking treatment centers. The town was much richer – bigger and meaner-looking. In a great, chilly and drifting misting, I went out of Limbe with a familiar way; uphill through a forest that had when been bigger, past a village that had once been much smaller, on a paved road that had once been just a muddy observe. My hopes were increased by this thin but great back highway that ascended to the lower slopes of Soche Hill, for We assumed that the improved road indicated the fact that school as well had been superior. But I had been wrong. The school was nearly unrecognisable. What had been a collection of school structures in a significant grove of trees was obviously a semi-derelict substance of battered buildings within a muddy, wide open field. The trees have been cut down, the grass was chest substantial. At first glance the spot was thus poorly taken care of as to seem to be abandoned: damaged windows, doorways ajar, mildewed walls, gashes in the rooftops, and just a few people standing around, emptyhanded, undertaking nothing but gaping at me personally. I strolled to the residence I had when lived in. The now-battered building had once lain at the rear of hedges and blossoming bushes, but the shrubbery was eliminated, replaced with a small scrappy garden of withered maize. Tall hippo grass got almost stressed the garden and after this pressed up against the house. The building was scorched and patched. Firewood had been thrown in a higgledy-piggledy stack outside the home. More rain-stained mildewed wall space and loose roofs, even more broken home windows and cracked verandas the road, in the other teachers' houses. The drizzle was coming down hard now, but the rain as well as the mud as well as the dripping forest and the green slime within the brick walls were appropriate to the melancholy I felt. I met two instructors standing in the...


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