Freud's understanding of religious beliefs

He assumed that religious beliefs is a great illusion, and this is based on would like fulfilment. In a few circumstances your mind produces images and beliefs to meet their basic desires. Therefore Freud is convinced the human brain created religious beliefs, and so this is certainly an optical illusion. Also, religion helps persons overcome our inner emotional conflict (collective neurosis); conflicts between civilisation and helplessness and anxiety about natural causes.

Freud says that faith is a neurotic illness; a collective neurosis which means that impacts everyone. That stems from the unconscious head and this comes from incompletely disturbing memories. The trauma can be sexual in nature as a result making faith an optical illusion that comes from sexual difficulties.

This individual conducted research on patients suffering from hysteria and this led him to look for that the brain not only contains conscious areas, but as well unconscious parts which we cannot normally access. As well, his work with hypnosis led Freud to grasp the unconscious mind (which we simply cannot normally access) comprises memories about incidents which all of us thought lengthy forgotten. His patients confirmed that upsetting memories that happen to be trapped inside the unconscious brain can show up later as a neurotic and hysterical behaviour frequently in the form of compulsive obsessive disorder. He as well noticed the link between religious beliefs and neurosis.

Freud concluded from this that religion was a neurosis induced in this case simply by hysterias by traumas profound within the psyche. The shock was intimate in mother nature, as he says " at the end of every circumstance of foreboding there are one or more occurrences of premature sexual experience”.

Shock to the system are usually repressed. The child grows feelings of jealousy and hatred on the alpha help to make (the father) and so this may lead to the desire to destroy the father. Nevertheless there are also thoughts of value and fear that lead to deep distressing sense of guilt. The need to posses the mother as well as the...


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