To obtain the difference in heart rate restoration times after exercise between males and females in a first year, level 3 BTEC class. Abstract:

This test was carried out to see if there were a difference in heart rate recovery times among males and females after exercise. The main reason this test was carried out was to find out if men or women got the faster heart rate restoration, and to then study the science behind it which explains why. Both men & females did 20 star advances and had their particular heart prices from before and direct after the exercise measured. The heart rate was then assess a third time, a minute following your exercise. The results showed that typically men had a greater heartrate recovery than the females. Launch:

I have searched into other studies and found that women have got a higher sleeping heart rate than men. The reason is , women having slightly smaller hearts, as they are smaller in size. Because of females possessing a smaller cardiovascular system than men they have to pump blood about the body more frequently as much less blood will be pumped each time, so they can meet the larger man hearts output. There are also a great many other reports exhibiting how males have certain physical properties that master females. Such as muscle mass, much larger bones and others. This history I have gathered has made myself come up with the hypothesis that males will have a better recovery time following exercise than females. It is because they are physically more prominent and their heart rate will initially be reduced before work out, so they are going to have a greater difference from resting heartrate to following exercise heart rate, which will in turn cause a better decrease. Technique and elements:

The first year, level three BTEC class separated into pairs to handle the following test. Before any person left the room to carry out the exercise and the experiment, one of many members in the pair tested their relaxing hear charge in beats per minute (bpm); via the different member in...

References: http://www.livestrong.com/article/208145-what-is-the-difference-between-male-female-heart-rates/



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