The Importance of Appearance

Persons say presence is not really important, yet even the most honored and noble persons put appearance before different attributes of a person. Seeing that societies had been established, and even before, culture has put on a great amount of importance on overall look. The amount of importance is displayed in the novel Frankenstein, the film, and real life.

My own first case from the novel is by chapter 9, when the monster arrived at the village and encountered individuals. As the creature attempts to enter the cottage, he explains that, " the children screamed and one of the ladies fainted. The full village was roused. Some fled, several attacked myself. I was unbelievably bruised by simply stones and many other kinds of missile weapons. ” The assertion shows that the creature was immediately judged by the villagers solely on appearance, there is no possibility given to even let the monster explain his purpose or actions. If appearance don't have this sort of a great amount of importance on it, the creature more than likely be bitten, and even his fate will be different. My personal second model is through the film when the creature initial encountered human beings other than his own inventor before the monster ran away. As the creature got a loaf of breads off a food cart, the people thought it was just a regular thief in the town plus they chased him down and tried to catch him. But since soon as they saw the creature's pudgy face, they will became more aggressive out of dread and tried to kill him.

My previous example is from the real life, where the sum of presence on a thing or somebody matters, rather than fiction story, and displays how much importance we put on appearance in our society. Found from a research article from the Social Issues Research Centre, studies show that attractive children are more popular, both equally with classmates and teachers. This can trigger social challenges as some college students look up and idolize all their teachers. Also, attractive job seekers have a much better chance of having...


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