English 9A, Unit 2

Descriptive Profile

Your second portfolio will be a descriptive essay about your favorite position. You will not be centered on building personas or informing a story in this paper - Your conventional paper will simply describe. Understand that your explanations should employ imagery and sensory particulars, meaning that it will appeal to the five sensory faculties. While reading your daily news, I should manage to picture your region.

Your chosen room of your property

Your favorite site in mother nature

An event you may have attended that was specifically fun, such as: A school field trip

A youth retreat

A summer camp

A holiday destination

Think about the subsequent questions to help you brainstorm ideas for your description:

- What locations in mother nature, such as the water or mountains, do you especially enjoy going to? Think about areas you have visited with friends or family members.

- What uncommon plants or animals in nature will lend themselves to becoming described within an interesting approach?

-- What is a subject or place that you see often with no really pondering much about it—for occasion, your yard? Try observing it even more closely.

Observe and Record Specifics (Prewriting)

A descriptive article is most successful if it is packed with details that vividly portray the object or perhaps place getting described. Reserve some time to see your subject closely and write down the details you notice using the Sensory Chart Prewriting Activity Sheet (attached). Record physical details (sights, sounds, scents, flavors, and textures) you can include in your descriptive dissertation.

As you record sensory information, it helps to pretend that your reader has never seen the thing or field you will be describing. Whether or not some details seem obvious, write them down! Understand that your reader can't see what you're finding, so you want to record as much details as possible to be able to paint a mental photo of your object/scene for your reader

When you record what you discover,...


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