To assess the final item of two different approach and component and investigate the factor contributed together with the final product's appearance.


TREATMENT one particular

Fine structure, smooth, and in many cases pores

Skinny crust


Features tunnel at the centre, dark brown. Soggy

Solid, Tough and harden


Chocolate wedding cake from initially recipe gives great feel of crumb and brown crust area of the dessert. In contrast, the other cake offer a worse structure of the crumb and brown crust area. Both bread have distinctive different in their attributes. This differences may be evaluated from their ingredients alone. Table below shows the baker's percentage of both cakes. The first cake is denoted as T1, while the second one is denoted by T2.

T1's tested recipes shows comprised higher percentage of cacao powder (86%) and ova (144%). Although T2's quality recipes give higher concentration of liquid (240%), butter (112%), sugar (200%) and personal rising flour. The different quantity of water contributes to distinctive attributes of last product.

Regardless of richness or perhaps ratio of tenderizers and tougheners, almost all ingredients should be balanced relating to their function in a cake batter. For example the structural or perhaps toughening materials such as ovum and flour should be equalized with tenderizing ingredients just like fat and sugar. Likewise the liquefied ingredients must be balanced with the dry substances. The formation with the starch-protein matrix is important pertaining to the support and strength of the wedding cake crumb. The moment these two materials are different it impacts the matrix. The differing sugar concentration will affect the extent of starch gelatinization and denaturation of proteins. The addition of increasing levels of sweets in a menu inhibits these types of phenomena and thus the matrix is sluggish. The deterioration of the matrix may make a fluffier, brighter product or make a product that will fall depending on the ratio used.

Classic recipes require the pounds of the sugars...


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