Macbeth Soundtrack

Track #1

Ring the alert by The star

This song matches the picture because with 68 Macduff yells " Ring the alarm bells! ” Duncan has just been killed which means this song will play as soon as Macduff says that. This song as well represents what Macbeth is thinking with this scene. Beyonce doesn't want her guy to have another girlfriend, and Macbeth doesn't want Malcolm or Donalbain to have the throne. Beyonce says ‘she gon' profit anything I taught if I allow you to go'. If perhaps Macbeth isn't very careful, Duncan's sons will profit from Macbeth' (Act 2 scene 3)

Track #2

Troy Soundtrack A key component

Macbeth and Banquo fulfill the witches the first time. The witches' prophesize that Macbeth can become the ruler and Banquo's descendants will be kings. This song pertains to the field because the music and unpredictable. Macbeth will not know whether he will be king right now or in the future. It is secret music because is the changing point from the play since now Macbeth is getting data he'll become king. (Act 1 Picture 3)

Song #3

Black Hawk Down A key component

This tune will play the moment Lady MacDuff is wiped out. When the messenger arrives to warn her, she will not listen and she is slain. The disposition of the music is disappointing and miserable and the feelings goes up and down. This fits correctly with Woman MacDuff declining for reasons that are not justifiable. (Act some scene 2)

Song #4

I need a doctor by Eminem

One of Girl Macbeth's service personnel suggests that the girl go to the doctor. She observes that Woman Macbeth takes paper, writes on it, then folds it every night. This kind of song suits because Woman Macbeth has to have a doctor since she is going crazy. The moment Eminem says " Im about to shed my mind, you have been eliminated for too long", this relates to Woman Macbeth's sense that Macbeth has...


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