Effectiveness of Innovation Command

----Based on the Failing of Com Dev International Ltd Inside the first article, I reviewed the leadership of Roger, the leader of Suzhou Com Dev Foreign Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Suzhou Company). In this essay, I will discuss the challenge and methods to Roger's troublesome leadership based upon ecology of innovation, starting and concern structure, and transformational management In order to create ecologies of innovation, we should know what is usually innovation and ecology. Similarly, innovation accurately means heading beyond the norm, an implication embedded in the center worldwide innovation—nova—which means doing the euphoric pleasures rather than duplicating what worked in the past (Jeffrey; James hazy). On the other hand, the word ecology, which will stems from the Greek word " eco”, meaning home or community, refers to particular kind of community. Innovation is the outcome of a system-wide pair of processes and interactions—what all of us call an ecology of innovation. Within a new circumstance, innovative commanders should find the diversities and boost the diversities into aufstrebend innovations, causing interaction vibration and render the organization more adaptable to unpredictable within its environment. Transformational leadership is seen as one of many factors that drive subordinates' innovative activity, and as the psychological mechanisms that underlie transforming and transactional management (Howell and Avolio, 93; Bycioet ing., 1995; Koh et al., 1995). Life changing leadership contains four factors. These elements and their meanings are: 1) Individual concern: the leader will pay attention to and supports subordinates. 2) Intellectual stimulation: the leader enables subordinates to improve and refresh their understanding and creativity. 3) Inspiration by a leader: as well to be a charming leadership the fact that leader areas and encourages subordinates. 4) Idealized affect: the leader...


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