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Unit 641



Condition why and when health and security control tools, identified by principles of protection, must be used associated with types, goal and restrictions of each type, the work condition, occupational employ and the standard work environment, with regards to: – communautaire protective procedures

– personal protective products (PPE)

– respiratory safety equipment (RPE)

– Local exhaust fresh air (LEV).

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Find Training Hand-out section you, pages 1, 2 & 3

Why do some of us need PPE and safety equipment?

The purpose of PPE is to reduce worker exposure to hazards when executive and administrative controls are certainly not feasible or perhaps effective to lower these dangers to suitable levels. PPE is needed when ever there are dangers present.

For the five cases given, describe what each one defends in the initially column and what it Will not protect inside the second steering column.

Types of PPE utilized in relation to your job

This helps to protect against??

But actually will only work if?

Discover Training Hand-out section you, pages two & three or more

Hard Head wear


Hi-Vis vest



Effect of falling/flying objects; risk of bumping head

Wet, slipping, cuts, abrasion

Temperature extreme conditions, adverse climate, contaminated dust, etc .

Particles, gas and vapour, metallic or chemical substance splash, light

Impact, reductions and punctures, abrasion, skin disease, chemicals, hi/low temperatures Can easily be knocked from the head

Can be heavy and may cause ft to become sweaty

May not protect against some chemical substances. Could minimize movement.

Can be dusty, vapor up and therefore are easily scraped

Some supplies are easily permeated by chemical compounds. Using mitts for a long period of time can make the skin hot and sweaty causing skin complications.

‘Local Exhaust system Ventilation is often referred to as particles and/or blow up extraction gear and it can support clean the air, before people breathe in these harmful chemicals and impurities. '

What type of job do you use LEV on?

What are problems or perhaps limitations with this products?

See Teaching Hand-out section 1, pages 3 & 4

LEV will be used when a job consists of working around dirt (such as woodwork shop), mist (when paint spraying) or gases (when welding).

It's simply really powerful close to the method to obtain contamination, it might be difficult to plan/install and will need to be regularly taken care of and checked to keep an eye on its efficiency.

Why do we have got respiratory Protecting equipment

Once would you know when to make use of it?

How do you realize that you have the best type in?

What problems could you have got with this kind of equipment, or perhaps why might it not operate properly? Discover Training Hand-out section 1, page 2

Work activities may result in harmful substances contaminating the environment in the form of dust particles, mist, gas or blow a gasket.


cutting a material just like stone, tangible or real wood

using a liquefied containing unstable solvents

coping with dusty powder

Filters possess a limited life and should be replaced frequently.

There might be a likelihood of losing mind due to experience of high level of harmful smoke or wherever is a shortage of oxygen


It is perfect for the risk and decreases exposure to the extent required to guard the wearer's health.

Condition how to adhere to control actions that have been recognized by risk assessments very safe systems of work. 2

‘A risk analysis is a methodical examination of a task, job or process that you carry out at the office for the purpose of; Identifying significant problems that are present (a threat is a thing that has the probability of cause an individual harm or ill health). Deciding in the event what you have already done reduces the risk of someone being injured to an appropriate level, of course, if not; Determining what additional control actions you must decide to use reduce the risk to an satisfactory level. ' 1 . almost eight

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