5. Does modern tools make your life more convenient, or perhaps was your life better once technology was simpler? 5.

5. Why do people invent new technology? Have got those factors changed nowadays? *

* How would you think modern technology has affected senior citizens today? *

* What are your personal viewpoints on social networking?


* Do you think that social network could potentially become harmful to kids? *

* Do you really use social network, if thus which ones do you really use and why? 2.

* Does social media bring persons closer together or does it push them apart? *

* What is a good solution to receiving kids off from social networking sites and back into actual life? *

* Really does modern technology generate relationships simpler to manage, and why? *

2. Do you think that modern technology impact on education within a good or bad way, and how come? *


The aim of my research is to determine how people feel about modern technology, and how this affects everyone young aged and middle section aged, how we use technology to bring relationships together yet at the same time alienating ourselves coming from physical interactions. Why is technology such an enormous part of our lives, why do we constantly invent new-technology, and how can we cut back on technology or subsequently use it permanently purposes. METHODOLOGY:

I chose questions that would permit people tell me exactly their very own feelings in modern technology and how it impacts all of us, what they thought the difficulties of technology are, and how we can repair those problems. I actually conducted my survey by providing 5 my buddies a list of 12 questions, then simply compiled all the details and wrote a section on my findings. FINDINGS:

Everybody agreed that technology makes their daily lives less difficult, and that they appreciate technology, mainly because they want the gadgets and the latest in thing available because it causes them to be seem " cooler”, several of the people who answered my survey declare to using at least 4...

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