The effects of modern technology

Since the start of the 20th century, Modern technology has rapidly improved our world. That improves the space and standard of living. Although modern tools brings an enormous number of benefits for human beings, it triggers many damaging effects too. At first, we must mention do it yourself phones. Whenever we use do it yourself phones a lot, our recollection will be seriously affected since radiations by self telephones damage human brain cells. This can lead to cancer. In addition , nowadays, many college students overuse personal phones. They are really keen on sending and receiving messages without concerning about their study. As a result, their particular study the desired info is not good. The development of technology also leads to many negative affects on our environment. There are numerous modern vehicles which in turn release many toxic fumes in the atmosphere such as automobiles, motobiles, pickup trucks, and trains. The industries burn fuels such as olive oil, coal. Processes of burning energy sources also make a large number of dangerous gases in the air. Consequently, air is polluted, and the surface of the earth is warm. This means that the people's overall health is seriously influenced. morerover. besides, a large number of factories are made near to the property. They develop a large mout of spend water which in turn pollutes the water supply. This is detrimental to the health of people. One of the most harmful impact which modern tools induces is the abuse of internet. Many people become dependent on the internet especially students. They spend quite often playing game online or perhaps visited a variety of bad websites. Accordingly, the time they dedicate to study can be automatically redused, which in turn triggers lower academics achievement. Additionally, some of the college students even refuse to go to university due to the fact that they can't escape from the trap with the internet. Additionly, the internet prevents students coming from doing all their homework and assigned responsibilities...


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