The Indian Census is the most reliable source of information concerning Demography (Population characterstics), Economical Activity, Literacy and Education, Housing & Household Services, Urbanisation, Fertility and Fatality, Scheduled Elegances and Planned Tribes, Dialect, Religion, Immigration, Disability and many other socio-cultural and demographic data since 1872. Census 2011 will be the fifteenth National Census of the Region. This is the just source of major data in the village, town and ward level, It offers valuable information for planning and formulation policies to get Central as well as the State Government authorities and is widespread by Nationwide and Worldwide Agencies, College students, business people, industrialists, and many more. В The Delimitation/reservation of Constituencies- Parliamentary/Assembly/Panchayats and also other Local Physiques is also carried out on the basis of the demographic info thrown up by the Census. Census can be te basis for researching the country's progress during the past decade, monitoring the ongoing Schemes in the Goverment and the most importantly, arrange for the future. That is why the Slogan is " Our Census - Each of our Future".

The Of india Census is a largest solitary source of various statistical information on different qualities of the people of India. With a history of more than 140 years, this kind of reliable, period tested physical exercise has been offering a veritable wealth of stats every 10 years, beginning by 1872 if the first census was executed in India non-synchronously in different parts. To scholars and researchers in demography, economics, anthropology, sociology, statistics and many more disciplines, the Indian Census has been a interesting source of info. The abundant diversity of the people of India is truly brought out by the decennial census which has turn into one of the equipment to understand and study India

The responsibility of conducting the decennial Census rests with work of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India...


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