Natasha Morales

Prof. Kanter

English 102

July thirty first, 2013

The Internet: Friend or Foe?

Within the last 5 years or so I've realized that both my attention course and examining skills possess declined. Most people like the Net because it is convenient, quick, and " reliable”. Ever so frequently 85% of american citizens 18 and older are recorded the Internet. Relating to research made by nGenera, a research and consulting group of people, in 08 they unveiled that young children have difficulty absorbing data due to profound mental involvement while using the Internet. Apart from becoming distracting, the world wide web is more dangerous for us than we think and may lead to long-lasting side influences.

Nearly a technology ago, the Internet entered our lives and made exploring easier than ever. The idea first emerged around in 1962, when J. C. R. Licklider of UBER discussed his " Galactic Network” idea. From online community to searching, you can do just about anything on the Internet nowadays. Long before the Internet, the telegraph, mobile phone, radio, and computer were invented. Basically, humans had been capable of progressing and inventing could the Internet been with us. This shows that we need not rely on the world wide web fully.

The Internet prevents actual learning and gives all of us fast info that doesn't stick to our heads unless were highly interested. Instead of examining a book and looking up data that we can't say for sure, we Google everything and get a quickly answer. We all instantly obtain so much info it's mind-boggling and will not stick. I remember growing as a kid and doing my own homework with all the television upon. I really would like I never did that when I was a child since now I include trouble undertaking homework without any noise. It truly is safe to say that my personal generation loves to multitask.

Not only does the world wide web have an effect on your brain, but likewise on your physique. Perhaps the worst effect it could have upon our brains is minor brain destruction from consuming so much info. You...

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