Douglass' early life of moving into the slave world of damaged wills and shattered hopes has changed him in many outstanding ways. Douglass' ultimate goal is to acquire a status of freedom and equality, the 2 most important features among slaves. In contrast, the particular slave owners strived intended for was to smash these two values and get rid of them from other hearts. " Thus, if the slaveholder, learning his ignorance, cheats him with a medication dosage of aggresive dissipation, artfully labeled while using name of liberty” (p85) says Douglass, proving which the slave owners did not simply physically anguish the enslaved but likewise held these people back mentally. Frederick Douglass uses his gift expertise and pass on it to the people in want around him, thus he overcomes the evil understand of captivity and achieves freedom.

In a single particular landscape of the story, Douglass witnesses how Hugh Auld constrains his better half from educating the slaves. Douglass may well have realized that knowledge is exactly what keeps slaves from rebelling, and in his pursuit of liberty Douglass performed towards passing on his education to the additional slaves and by doing so Douglass has helped himself in fashioning ways to freedom and equality. From this, we can inform that Douglass is quite an observant individual, and he continues to confirm it thus even during his escape, since he refuses to talk about any particular details of the procedure, he likewise creates a more secure environment pertaining to other slaves on their way to independence. His careful demeanor is usually once again shown when he alterations his name coming from Bailey to Douglass in fears of being recaptured. Other than Douglass' outstanding care and observations, he can also a master of perseverance. Rented to Edward Covey by his master Thomas Auld, Douglass begins to live under the severe whip and scorns from the notorious " slave breaker" Covey. There was one stage that beneath Covey's vicious and brutish treatment that Douglass damaged and almost misplaced his solve to become an educated individual all set to make his chance by freedom;...


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