The story begins with Fight it out (Old Noah) and Allie in a nursing home. Duke goes to Allie's room and begins browsing to her a tale that started out July of 1940 at a Carnival in Seabrook, South Carolina. Noah and Allie meet for the first time and Noah falls quickly in like but Allie is not that speedy. Noah and Allie happen to be thrown jointly by shared friends Fin and Sara. Allie, Noah, Sarah and Fin go to a movie and Allie and Noah walk home together and that is if the romance covers. Allie falls for Noah. Allie and Noah spend nearly every waking minute together, they fight earning up. One night Allie goes to Noah's house and Noah decides to take Allie to the Windsor Plantion exactly where they practically make love tend to be interrupted by simply Fin who also tells these people that Allie's parents have the police away looking for her then they get back the her house and Noah above hears her mother phoning him garbage and goes to leave. Allie runs out after him and they get into a big fight and break up. Allie and Noah lose feel and Noah and Fin go off to War while Allie goes to school and volunteers to nurse hurt soldiers back in health. B dies during the war. When Allie nursed a jewellry named Lon Hammond Junior. and he asks her out. Lon won Allie over quickly and suggested to her. Once Noah earnings home in the war this individual finds out that his dad has sold their home so that he can buy the residence that he previously always wanted to acquire and repair. While Allie is trying on her behalf wedding gown the girl sees an image of Noah in the newspaper next towards the house he previously told her all about and the lady decides that she must go check up on him. The girl goes back to Seabrook. The lady drives to Noah's house and they possess dinner and Noah demands her to go back the next day. The lady comes back in the morning and they line out in the lake, they talk about the summertime that they spent together and it begins to rain. Noah quickly series back to the dock wherever Allie needs to know why Noah under no circumstances wrote her and it is unveiled for the first time to her that he had written her every day for any year. They will kiss and make love very well into the nighttime. A few times later her mother arrives on Noah's door step and tells Allie to get dressed and include her. The girl reveals something about herself and exactly how much she actually is like her daughter. On how back to shedding Allie off they observe Lon's car waiting on the hotel. Just before leaving Allie's mother tells her that Lon is usually waiting for her at her hotel room then gave her the notification that Noah had written him. Noah begged Allie to remain with him but Allie said that the girl had a fiancГ© waiting in the hotel that she is in debt for an explanation to. Allie leaves and is sobbing she draws off to the side of the street and scans one of the albhabets that Noah had written her. She visits Lon and confesses everything they speak and it goes back to the present with Outdated Allie and Old Noah. They discuss and as she is realizing what is going on it flashes back to Young Allie located on Noah's front door with her bags. Outdated Allie and Old Noah embrace each other while the lady briefly remembers who she is but it passes quickly and starts freaking out and this is too much for Noah who likewise breaks down. The next morning Noah is found subconscious and is hurried to the hospital. He is later returned for the nursing residence in ICU and sneaks out of his space to be with Allie. Allie keeping in mind who she is and who Noah is talks and asks in the event that love can do anything. The next morning a nurse locates Noah and Allie having hands having passed away inside the night. This kind of story is within a nonlinear form. Therefore it does not adhere to in a chronological order. This is because the views go back and forth between your present and the past. The main character Fight it out (old Noah) uses a laptop to tell the story of his and Allie's life collectively. There is another conflict that takes place with Noah. Noah is conflicted because he wishes Allie to not forget him and the life with each other but the girl with having trouble because she has dementia. There are...

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