The Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal communities all counted on bureaucracies that received inspiration from your steppe customs of European and Mogol people and from the traditions of Islam, they followed similar policies, they looked for ways to keep serenity in their societies which were composed of different religious and ethnic backgrounds, and so they were associated with literary and artistic skillsets. Military and religious elements gave climb to all 3 of these empires. The Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman dynasty, in which, was named because of its founder Osman Bey, an innovator of a strap of semi-nomadic Turks who also migrated to northwestern Anatolia in the 13th century. Osman and his supporters sought to get ghazi players who fought against for their faith. The Ottoman's location within the borders in the Byzantine Disposition, allowed Osman and his males the opportunity to wage holy battle. The empire lasted via 1289 to 1923, but it gained their most electrical power during the sixteenth century, because it expanded their control through the base of Anatolia and spread throughout most of The european union, Egypt, and North The african continent. The Safavid Empire: Like the Ottomans, the Safavid Empire grew via Turkish nomadic descendents. But , unlike the Ottomans, the Safavids were Shiite, not really Sunni Muslims. " In 1499, a twelve yr old boy who had been in hiding for five years, known as Ismail, came out to seek payback upon the enemies of his relatives. He joined Tabriz at the head of an armed service and believed the old Persian imperial title of shah. ” (Bentley, Roadways, & Ziegler, 2008, pg. 460). Ismail Shah ruled from 1501-1524; he likewise proclaimed which the official faith would be the Twelver Shiism after, Safi al-Din, who was the best choice of religious purchase in northwestern Persia (1252-1334). Safavids, given its name the ay man him self. The Twelver Shiism was said to include twelve prophets and the twelfth one getting hidden. A large number of believed that Ismail was this concealed prophet. The Sunni Ottomans feared which the Shiite Safavids would spread their...


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