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Mr. Humber

AP The english language 5-6

Nov 12th, 2013


​The epic Beowulf is viewed today being a fine representation of Anglo-Saxon nobility and ignobility.  The setting is Denmark, terrain of Danish Anglo-Saxons that lived as the Vikings of the initial millennia. Many characters in Beowulf are brutal warriors that would charge into battle hoping to find glory in battle or an reputable death that might send these to Valhalla. Inspite of a to some degree belligerent life style, many existed by a code of reverance and had a sturdy, heavy moral fiber.  This tale accurately details it is characters because noble and ignoble in the eyes of an Anglo-Saxon by introducing them to lethal battles, prosperity, and success. ​An Anglo-Saxon value knowledgeable about by the challenges fought in Beowulf is loyalty. For instance, Hrothgar, the California king of Danes, always had loyal males accompany him in his mead-hall, Heorot, despite the fact that a creature consumed someone from Heorot for " Twelve winters of grief” (Line 147). They could have easily left the country and saved their particular skins, but they didn't because Hrothgar necessary men to help keep the country safe and controlled. If it was not for his men, Denmark would have decreased under the tyranny of Grendel. Another case in point would be Wiglaf staying in Beowulf's time of ought to fend off the dragon. This individual stood by simply Beowulf and helped him slay the beast when ever his full was also old and too poor to do so him self. All of Geatland was saved and Wiglaf's loyalty was what ultimately saved your day. Without loyalty to their superiors, nasty would easily arrogate the land. Battles also display in Beowulf the contrasting characteristic of recreancy. While Wiglaf had stayed with Beowulf, the rest of his men went in anxiety about the monster and left behind their ruler. They had disobeyed the most highly effective authority inside their kingdom because of their own cowardice. Together they can have quickly defeated the monster, but they only maintained their...

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