Three web browsers that we chose to analysis in this newspaper are Ie, Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape. I chose these web browsers because they are the most famous and commonly used. Another reason happens because I have attempted all of them and i also am familiar with there features. In this paper I will be detailing the similarities and differences between them. Let me also write about some of the features that I was unfamiliar with in addition to the advantages and disadvantages in the various web browsers discussed from this paper.

First off i want to say that Firefox is the Internet browser that I make use of the most and it is my favorite among the three. I still make use of Internet Explorer occasionally but generally I just make use of Mozilla Firefox. You will find more commonalities than there are variations so I will discuss this topic initially. The GUI of the 3 is very likewise. Similarities among the three range from the address bars, tool pubs, menu pubs, status bars, history and favorites. They also offer tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, plug-ins support, download manager, and mail and news agent. The differences in the three will be that Ie doesn’t give HTML editor like Firefox and Netscape do. A single cool characteristic that I have got loved with Mozilla that Internet Explorer and Netscape don’t offer is a Restore earlier session feature. I just appreciate that I can close Mozilla and opt for back up exactly where I still left off another time. Internet Explorer and Netscape may be only utilized on few Systems like Mac and Glass windows whereas Mozilla Firefox can be used on the lot more Operating Systems like Macintosh, Windows, Linux, and Solaris. So i think I believe Mozilla Firefox has more flexibility and functionality than Netscape and Internet Explorer.

A feature that I was unfamiliar with is with Mozilla Firefox, Some really understand that it is fully customizable and configurable. In accordance to Paul Thurrott 2004, “Firefox is practically infinitely configurable, with a completely customizable toolbar...


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